A Few Strategies That Build a Roster of Great Clients

by Angela Kambarian, President, Essential Communications


Dear savvy business professional:

As you already know, storytelling is one of the most crucial marketing strategies that has the power to impact your reputation,  improve visibility and transform earnings.  Some businesses tell scary or ugly stories, while many others create boring ones.

What YOU need to do is develop the kind of story that attracts more clients and boosts profits. When it comes to creating appealing stories , strong writing skills are important. But it’s not just your ability to write that will make a difference – it’s wise positioning that matters the most.

Below are a few story elements that are more likely to help businesses attract the right high-quality clients. At the right pricing. And in the right numbers.

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Find your authentic voice

For any business, the voice of your marketing messages is one of the most  essential story elements you can offer. Take another good look at your marketing communication materials – your brochure, website, landing page, sales letters, etc. Do you sound a little too formal or a little too stiff? Or do you come across as easy going and conversational? As you may already know, most folks attract like-minded individuals. Therefore, the personality you project into your writing voice will help you attract those qualities in your clients or prospects.

So why don’t you ask yourself what qualities your writing voice is conveying in all your marketing collaterals? Are you relaxed or agitated? Reassuringly professional or uptight? Charming or arrogant? Focused or distracted?

As a real pro you should have more control over your writing than regular people do. Use that skill to impart the kinds of qualities and attributes you want to see more of in your clients.

The quality of your website matters

It is quite hard to come across as informed and web-savvy when your website looks outdated or sloppy. I am not suggesting you should start obsessing over every new design trend or every word, sentence or phrase. But you DO need to make sure your site looks fresh, appealing and uncluttered, and the content is well-written and convincing. Simple as that.

Pay attention to your pricing

Keep in mind that price is one of the most impactful and powerful nonverbal elements of any business story. When you sell your services, you sell your time. Yeah…hours of your life…the one thing you can never recapture. Selling those hours at a discount just doesn’t make sense. Crummy clients want cheap service providers to produce generic services. Great clients need experienced,reliable and high-quality professionals with a proven track record of success and who know exactly what they are doing.

Your level of professionalism can make or break a deal

This one is old school…and extremely important. When prospects leave a query on your “Contact Us” form, make sure you respond right away. By the way, how long does it take you to get back to them? Do you have a proven system in place to address each inquiry? Are you hitting your deadlines, every time? Oh…and don’t take any client for granted. Every touch point will move your closer or further away from building a solid, long-term and successful professional relationship. Let’s face it: when it comes to dealing with service providers, oftentimes reliability is an issue. When clients are dealing with an individual who does what she says she is going to do, every time, it makes a major impact.

So make sure you address inquiries as soon as you can. This alone will make a difference in your revenue over a year. Follow up diligently. Manage your deadlines. Find ways to stay organized and on top of things. If you are swamped or have a family emergency, add a simple autoresponder to let folks know you will connect as soon as possible and give them the attention they deserve.

Here is what one well-known and well-revered marketing guru has to say about dealing with prospects or clients: ” When you want to attract and retain wonderful clients, you need to take care of them like the treasures they are. It will get noticed.” I couldn’t agree more…

If you are ready to grow your business and need help with Public Relations, social media or copywriting, please visit www.kambarian.com or call 516.724.4372 today. I am looking forward to chatting with you and helping you achieve the success you KNOW you deserve!




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