Social Media Tools to Take Your Business to the Next Level

By Angela Kambarian, Founder of Essential Communications

Dear savvy business professional, 

You are probably well-aware of the fact that in today’s fiercely competitive business environment, maintaining a social media presence is paramount to your success, increased earnings and improved reputation. If you choose to ignore social media, you are at risk of falling behind and letting your competitors take over.

Therefore, I decided to share some additional insights about a few social media tools that can help you galvanize your marketing and propel your business forward.

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Here are a few crucial strategies to add your arsenal:

Even though there are countless social media networks to choose from, your job is to familiarize yourself with all the nuances, specific advantages and demographic offerings each channel has to offer.

For instance, Facebook is a great tool for retail businesses allowing them to advertise their products, post content and interact with followers. Twitter is another popular network offering a few advertising options and an opportunity to post ads. Snapchat is an unconventional marketing tool; unless you are selling to millennials, you can forego using this network and focus on others. Pinterest works best for businesses with specific niches, such as travel, beauty, food, health or fashion. Instagram targets individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 and enables businesses to connect with a millennial market.

Post compelling images

According to one study, riveting images resulted in a 94% increase in total post views on social media. Besides, young millennials have an insatiable appetite for the visual which should prompt you to create eye-catching photos to boost your online presence.

Post often and post conistently

While consistency is key to your success, I want you to be aware that there are optimal times to post on different networks.

When it comes to Facebook, aim to post at least once a day between 1pm and 4pm. Twitter may require a whopping 15 posts per day to get the best impact. You should post one to two times on Instagram, with the first one around 8am-9am and the second one in the afternoon around 2pm.

Armed with these valuable insights, you will be better equipped to enhance your marketing campaign, step up your game and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Good luck with your endeavors!

If you are ready to boost your Public Relations, marketing and social media efforts, please visit or call 516-724-4372 today! Looking forward to chatting with you.






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